What We Do

Our customers usually come to us looking simply for a part to be manufactured. But we supply not only the part itself, we also include state-of -the-art manufacturing techniques and equipment, highly qualified engineers and operators and the confidence that the part is dependable and well made. Swissway parts are rarely the final product themselves, but they make our customers' assemblies better, which is our ultimate objective.  Learn More >

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Gyroscope Parts
Computer Circuitry Harness
Implant Components
Perfectly Matched Pairs
Aircraft Hydraulics
Medical Burrs & Drills


CNC Turning Center
CNC Machining Center (Milling)
CNC Secondary Operations
Swiss Screw Machining
Grinding Department
• Centerless Grinding
• Cylindrical Grinding
• Surface grinding
• Full Honing Department

Thread Rolling
All Tool Making capabilities
All Deburring Operations
All Inspection Equipment

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