Swissway Inc. was founded in 1963 and classified as a precision machining job shop dealing with the medical, aerospace, electronics, and computer industries. Swissway Inc. has won numerous quality achievement awards from companies such as Triumph Actuation Systems, IBM and Bendix Aerospace. Our facility is proud of zero defect performance to our customers throughout our history!

What is Zero Defect Manufacturing Worth to Your Company?

Sometimes it seems like the smaller the part the bigger a problem it can be if some- thing goes wrong with it. In our world, a thousandth of an inch can look a mile wide if it is in the wrong place. The part may not fit in your component assembly or it may not function properly. Worst of all, it could cause a much larger component to fail at great expense and delay to the end user. There just isn't any substitute for perfection at Swissway Inc. When we say our parts are perfect, we mean every part, every time.

Swiss Philosophy & American Ingenuity:

When you think of quality products, Swiss watches, German automobiles, American aircraft and defense products may come to mind. Swissway has studied and employed the philosophy of quality that each of these styles of engineering employs to create our own unique manufacturing culture. Our name pays homage to great Swiss ethic of precise, well thought out designs, but it also represents all cultures' best products. Some of those products, we are proud to say, contain parts made by Swissway.

Workforce Diversity:

Swissway is proud of having a diverse workforce. We have experienced employees from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Our team utilizes the skills and experiences of our diversity to the ultimate advantage of our customers. We are pleased to be a leader in this important business component.

When we say our parts are perfect, we mean every part, every time.